Friday, May 4, 2012

Project Based Learning

Six Affirmations for PBL Teachers  (from Edutopia)
Teachers who teach project-based learning have at least six unique accomplishments in common, writes Andrew Miller, a National Faculty Member for the Buck Institute of Education and ASCD.

From High Tech High, What Project Based Learning Isn't:

What is Project Based Learning About? (from Edutopia)

Project-Based Learning: Real-World Issues (from Edutopia)

The Buck Institute
Project Based Learning for the 21st Century.
Through The Buck Institute, check out PBLU :

PBLU is an online social network of educators who continually learn and share how to do Project Based Learning.
PBLU provides free online two-week classes and Common Core aligned projects that teachers customize and implement while receiving tips from an experienced PBL facilitator and feedback from the online community.
PBLU launches the summer of 2012.
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Math is about more than just numbers and equations. Math is a tool to explore the world around us. Mathalicious provides teachers with lessons that help them teach math in a way that engages their students–in a way that helps students understand how the world works. Lessons are aligned to Common Core Standards and explore questions with real life applications.

What great resources have you used for PBL?  Share them in the comments below!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Great STEM Websites

Thinkfinity    P-12    scroll down
Engineering Pathway   K-12
STEM Connector  State by State
STEM for Girls

STEM  Gifted

STEM  Planet

STEM after school

STEM and the ARTS

NY STEM initiative

STEM  Collaborative Middle School

Autodesk  Design