Tuesday, December 20, 2011



This is our first shot at a STEM blog for everyone to be able to truly reflect on some of the AWESOME things that are happening here!!!

Think about this: " What are the Stratigies That Engage Minds that you see as central to the vision of our school?"

Use this blog as a great opportunity to reflect and:
- freely post our ideas,...
- discuss our philosophies,...
- tell what's working well and what we are working on,...
- what do we forsee as some big ticket items in the near future?
- how do we feel about some of the changes taking place?

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Time to get HEALTHY baby!!!!

Today, Ann [Akre] and I sat down to discuss WELLNESS !!! What is wellness, you might be asking yourself? Well,...we're so glad you asked!!!

Wellness can be broken down into many different categories:
- mental wellness
- physical wellness
- spiritual wellness
(and many more,....)

As your Randall and Saratoga Campus Wellness Coordinators (go STEM), we are excited to present you with another opportunity to achieve wellness. After the holiday break, we are going to be offering a really neat opportunity for everyone to participate in and really work towards fitness. We have a supply of pedometers coming our way and we really wanted to start using them as a staff, after break, along with an activity log, so we can start up a "friendly competition" for staff.

We also thought this blog would be a really cool way for our fitness-freak-a-zoids to share some of the really cool things they're doing, by simply taking a second or two and adding/posting to this blog. I know we have some folks bustin' a sweat by doing P-90(x), and some are even doing the brand new P-90(x)2,.....whoaaaa!!! This is a great way for people to read about some really easy ways to get fit, or try new things!

What do you think? What have you got to lose??