Tuesday, December 20, 2011



This is our first shot at a STEM blog for everyone to be able to truly reflect on some of the AWESOME things that are happening here!!!

Think about this: " What are the Stratigies That Engage Minds that you see as central to the vision of our school?"

Use this blog as a great opportunity to reflect and:
- freely post our ideas,...
- discuss our philosophies,...
- tell what's working well and what we are working on,...
- what do we forsee as some big ticket items in the near future?
- how do we feel about some of the changes taking place?


  1. In my role as principal I find myself frequently telling the STEM story. The most exciting part of the story is when I share out that we view STEM as 'Stratigies that engage minds', a focus on the HOW.

    I would love to hear/read about which HOWs are most valuable in your role of educating students.

    Blog on!

  2. The support we have from staff is awesome!!!! It makes me feel confident that we have the 'how' to apply new ideas and techniques.

  3. Application of new knowledge...allows for deeper understanding as well as essentail skill development!

    Increased student 'talk time'.

    Project-Based Learning...(choice and application)

  4. I think allowing student-choice is exponentially beneficial to our students' personalized learning experiences. All too often, we have used a one-size-fits-all approach that misses the mark and it's time we realize that all students are going to display knowledge, comprehension, retention, application and creation- differently!!

  5. I see authentic assessment as another one of our key strategies.