Friday, March 23, 2012

Stop Stealing Dreams

Stop Stealing Dreams

Think. Share. Reflect....share your favorite number....

My favorite is #19...

Click...if you are curious.
Read...if you choose.
Discuss...if you want connections.
Act...if you feel compelled. 

(source: Ryan's email)

Share your thoughts, favorites, 
ideas, and questions in the comments!

I might be 29, but man I feel aligned to so many!  This document breeds discussion and open-minds! ~Beth

There were several that stood out to me personally.. I liked #28 Exploiting the instinct to hide: "Fear is used to ensure that no one stretches too far, questions the status quo, or makes a ruckus." We need to let the kids be "messy" or learn to teach "messy".. not in the box... break out of the box!

also, 33. Who will teach bravery?

"Can risk-taking be taught? Of course it can. It gets taught by mentors, by parents, by great music teachers, and by life"
 As teachers we need to let the students know that it's ok to take risks.. and sometimes you may fail... that is ok.. learn from your mistake and do something different.. (remember that song by Kenny Rogers about the little boy who couldn't hit the ball, but became the best pitcher?)

ok.. one last one..
51. How they saved LEGO:
Love the picture with this one... check it out! People wanted Legos that came with directions.. to make a final end piece that was the same no matter who built it... my advise? throw the directions out... and build what inspires you!

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